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Bergvik - Ceiling and Raised Floor Systems

With 47 years of experience as a supplier, Bergvik manufactures the rigid and self-supporting Iso Floor raised access floor system with unrivaled strength and flexibility. Happy customers in over 100 countries trust Bergvik to secure their mission critical equipment, especially in severe seismic zones.

With manufacturing in Australia, Sweden, South Africa and USA, we work hard to increase our customer’s value chain and lower their total cost of ownership.

The foundation for our long term profitability and strong position has been achived by our ability to listen to the needs of the market and by our continued technical development, thus it is attractive to be a supplier or a customer to Bergvik. We strive to always deliver the right product solution at the right time at the lowest total cost, by controlling manufacturing through forecasts from our marketing group and by working in self-controlled groups in accordance with ISO 9000 and ISO 14001. This has earned us the position of a world leader within the segment technical floor systems. 


Bergvik - Salas Eléctricas - Subestaciones - Electrical rooms - Sub Stations

Iso Floor for Electrical Rooms / Sub Stations

Bergvik - Harford 911

Iso Floor for 911 Centers

Bergvik - HiFlex Floor

HiFlex Floor

Bergvik - South Metro

Tech Floor

Bergvik - Seismic 2

Seismic Bracing Frames

Bergvik - IFG_head

Iso Flex-Grid