Track rack temperature in the right places and for the right price

Accurate information on rack-level temperature in your data center can help lower operating costs, avoid outages and meet SLA agreements. Packet Power’s wireless Environmental Monitor makes getting that information easy. And it costs as much as 70% less than other solutions.

In most data centers, power density can vary widely from rack to rack. Higher power racks generate much higher heat and can be a challenge to adequately cool. Low power racks, on the other hand, are easy to cool. So why do most environmental monitoring offerings require you to monitor at the same number of points in both high heat and low heat racks?

Packet Power solves that problem by making it easy to vary the amount of monitoring points per cabinet from cabinet to cabinet based on your needs. For example, monitor at 6 points per high density cabinet and 2 or 3 points in a standard cabinet. Or increase monitoring on the difficult to cool end-of-row cabinets while easing up on cooler center-row units. By offering monitoring units that support 6 or 12 temperature probes per unit, and combining that with a wide range of easy-to-install temperature probe harnesses, matching the level of monitoring to your needs is a breeze.

In addition to making it easy to buy only the amount of monitoring points that you need, Packet Power makes monitoring heat at the cabinet more affordable than ever. Our 12-probe monitoring unit costs well under $40 per monitoring point, much less than our competitors’ wired and wireless offerings, And because it runs on batteries and utilizes our proven, self-configuring, secure wireless mesh network to gather the monitoring data, installation is easy.

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Need relative humidity or differential pressure information? We can cover that, too.

A short discussion on the cooling challenges in your data center is all that we need to tailor an environmental monitoring solution that fits your needs and can be installed quickly and with minimal IT support.

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Steve VanTassel
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