Price power in your data center to propel profits

How you charge for power is one of the most important pricing decisions you make as a hosting company. Whether you allocate costs based on energy used (kWh), the maximum load your facility must provide (peak kVA), typical usage (average hourly W) or some other approach, your choice will have a significant impact on both your selling strategy and your revenues. Packet Power’s EMX Energy Portal provides instant access to detailed power usage information helping dozens of colo companies like yours effectively bill customers.

EMX simplifies energy cost allocation and reporting with a range of standard and customizable reports. With minimal set up time, you can:

  • Allocate costs based on kWh used, average and maximum W and VA, and usage in excess of customer-specific kW threshold.
  • Aggregate usage by devices, circuits, cabinets, cages or rooms broken down by customer.
  • Aggregate customer usage information across multiple geographic locations.
  • Provide your billing department access via a secure URL to easily integrate with billing software applications.
  • Download reports into Excel (and other formats upon request).
Packet Power - Energy Use by Customer
Screen display from Packet Power’s EMX system, displaying power consumption by individual customer. Fields are customizable based on your business needs and your customers’ requirements.

Your customers will benefit as well. You can easily give them direct, secure access to their reports. And the time intervals can be set based on each customer’s needs – hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Offered as a cloud subscription or locally licensed software, EMX provides instant access to information with minimal set up.

Learn more about Packet Power’s EMX Energy Portal or email for help in getting detailed monitoring set up in your hosting facility.

Troy Wyborny
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