Who knew end feed monitoring could be so easy?

Do you have existing busways with no end feed visibility? Would you like to ensure you are making the most of your available power but can’t take the busway offline to add monitoring? Packet Power lets you easily and safely add power monitoring to existing busway end feeds and tap-offs without interruption to critical loads. And our wireless solution installs in three easy steps.

Is it really that easy? Yes.
The unique contact-free installation process doesn’t disrupt wiring — so you don’t have to take the busway offline. Split core CTs open up to go around incoming power cables in the end feed enclosure. Voltage sensing is done by plugging in a standard tap-off box that also houses a preinstalled wireless monitor.

Packet Power - End feed busway installation

The monitors automatically join our proven, self-configuring, secure wireless mesh network without any technical intervention. Data is immediately delivered to Packet Power’s monitoring software or any BMS or DCIM system using standard SNMP or Modbus protocols.

Our end feed retrofit solution offers these additional benefits:

  • Measure Volts, Amps, Watts, Watt hours and Power Factor in aggregate and by phase.
  • Local display of Volts and Amps by phase.
  • Support for 40A to 600A busway systems running 120/208V to 240/415V.
  • Compatible with any busway manufacturer.
  • Certified for use in over 50 countries.

¿Necesita también visibilidad de sus Tap off se individuales? También lo tenemos cubierto.

Need visibility into your individual tap-off boxes as well? We’ve got you covered.

Complete visibility into your entire busway can help optimize your available power, ultimately increasing your operational efficiency. Send us an email at for more information.

Troy Wyborny
Packet Power Article