Starline Critical Power Monitor (CPM).
Critical Power Monitoring for Mission Critical Success.

Because of the growing need for energy efficiency, energy monitoring systems are more important than ever. Starline Critical Power Monitor (CPM) puts actionable data at your fingertips, allowing you to make purposeful decisions.

Starline CPM may be used as part of the Starline Track Busway system or as a standalone solution, and is calibrated to meet ANSI Revenue Grade Standards for power and energy usage.

For seamless integration with BMS and DCIM packages, Starline CPM supports a variety of communications options. An integral webpage offers easy configuration and the ability to remotely review real-time information without additional software.


Track Busway Critical Power Monitor

Starline Track Busway CPM is uniquely designed to provide the functionality required for both end feed and branch circuit applications, and may be configured to provide data granularity down to the individual outlet level. The optional display provides local information at a glance, whereas standard Ethernet and Modbus RTU communications (and optional 802.11n Wi-Fi) simplify remote data aggregation.

Starline - Critical Power Monitor - standalone_cpm

Standalone Critical Power Monitor

Starline Standalone CPM mounts easily to electrical panels and enclosures using a standard knockout, providing revenue grade energy monitoring for both new installations and retrofit applications. Local power usage data may be viewed locally on the optional display, or accessed remotely via Ethernet or Modbus RTU.

Corded Critical Power Monitor

The Corded CPM offers an easy method to add metering capabilities to your existing installation. With two versions of the device available, any load up to 63A three-phase can have monitoring added post installation.

The units will be assembled with the necessary plug and connector body, and are easily added in-line with the device. Custom cord lengths and plug/connector body configurations are available to meet the specific metering requirements of your installation.

Retrofit con el Critical Retrofit Critical Power Monitor

Available for both end feed and plug-in unit versions, the Retrofit CPM option provides a cost effective option for the addition or upgrade of existing Starline Power systems in the field.

For plug-in units, a small enclosure with an adjustable pass-through has been developed to house the Critical Power Monitor. This can be easily mounted to any available free space on plug-in enclosures. This will enable you to add metering capabilities to plug-in units that you have existing at your facility.

End feed Retrofit kits have also been developed to easily add or upgrade metering in the field. These kits include the new Critical Power Monitor, as well as the sheet metal lid, and will be specific to your installation. For end feeds with existing legacy metering devices installed, the new CPM units can be calibrated to work with the existing current transformers so feed cables do not need to be removed from the terminal lugs.

There are two options for implementing the Retrofit CPM: in the field or at one of our global production facilities. For the latter to occur, units will need to be returned to Starline Power, inspected and tested, and then upgraded. All upgrades will be performed by qualified metering staff, and will be validated and re-certified once the CPM integration work has been completed. All connection points will be re-torqued to the original specifications, and units will receive a new serial number and test record


Starline - Critical Power Monitor - cpm-data-center

Data Center

Starline CPM provides actionable energy management information for mission critical environments.


Starline - Critical Power Monitor - cpm-industrial


Due to its application-specific configurations, Starline CPM enables customized power monitoring solutions required to maximize efficiency.

Starline - Critical Power Monitor - cpm-submetering


Whether new installation or retrofit, Starline CPM provides revenue grade metering functionality to support a wide range of circuit configurations and ratings.