Starline Introduces Newest Enhancements to the Critical Power Monitor (CPM) Platform

Starline is enabling organizations to further maximize their energy management and efficiency with the latest enhancements to the Critical Power Monitor (CPM) platform. This revenue-grade power monitoring device proactively monitors power usage and distribution in the data center environment. Two new enhancements are being unveiled for this product line, including temperature sensors for busway end feed terminal lugs and a direct current voltage version of the product for Vdc installations.

“We are committed to providing full-featured metering options to our customers, and continuing to implement new features and functionality is another way we can provide value to our customers,” said Mark Swift, Vice President of Marketing for Universal Electric Corporation. “Integration of the temperature sensors with our end feed terminals will provide customers with real-time data, and will be much more reliable than manual periodic infrared scanning. Also, the direct current version of the CPM will be a great addition to the lineup, and meet the demands of our global customer base for those individuals whom have adopted a Vdc topology in their facilities.”

The new temperature sensors for Starline’s busway feed terminals are fully integrated into Starline CPMs, and can be added as an option with your installation. This will provide real-time temperature data for the busway feed terminals, and can be trended over time to determine if loose connections are causing the terminals to heat. When this occurs, alarm thresholds can be set, notifying you of a potentially dangerous scenario before a failure occurs. With traditional IR scanning, you are at risk of an issue manifesting between your scan interval times. This new temperature sensor technology gives you the data immediately, so you can react in time. For existing installations, customers can take advantage of retrofit options to add this new feature.

In addition to the integration of CPM temperature sensors for feed terminals, Starline is also releasing the newest configuration of the Critical Power Monitor, a direct current version. The Vdc CPM is designed for applications of up to 400 Vdc, and functions similarly to the Vac versions that are currently available. For installations with renewable energy sources, the meter can also measure bidirectionally, for power that is being supplied back to the grid.

“Developing innovative products that provide value to our customers is our main goal,” stated Lucas Andrews, Research and Development Engineering Manager of UEC. “These two new offerings definitely support this initiative for the company.”

Starline CPM comes with an easy-to-install, user-friendly web interface so that data center managers can quickly provision and implement the device. Connectivity options for the CPM include both wired Ethernet and Modbus, and optional 802.11n Wi-Fi versions are also available.

All Starline CPM units are calibrated to meet American National Service Institute (ANSI) revenue grade standards for power usage and comes with a variety of communications interfaces that facilitate seamless integration with Building Management System (BMS) and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) packages.

Universal Electric Corporation, the manufacturer of Starline, is excited to announce the launch of these expanded offerings for the CPM platform. The company’s ultimate goal is to drive toward sustained innovation with its product offerings, and to continuously improve customer experience.

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