Make Monitoring Work for You

We have made monitoring easy. These examples show how it can be put to work to create real value for you.

Operations Management

Utilize monitoring data to increase availability, minimize unused power and spot hot spots before they become a problem.

Energy Cost Allocation

Now that the cost to power a server over its useful life often exceeds its purchase cost, allocating operating costs is more important than ever.

Colo Companies

For companies that run data centers as their primary business, energy usage information powers decisions in many areas.

Cooling Optimization

In many facilities, gathering the data needed to more efficiently remove heat is the key to saving the most energy.

Data Centers Retrofits

Increasing power densities can create both power and cooling challenges in existing data centers. Adding monitoring provides the insight needed to prevent issues and extend the life of the facility.

Measure PUE

Love it or hate it, PUE is one of the data center industry’s key performance metrics. Analyzing your power usage effectiveness doesn’t have to be hard.


Involta needed a flexible monitoring system for their new and existing facilities. Packet Power delivered.

Involta had very specific requirements for metering in its new facilities in Duluth, MN, and Akron, OH. As a provider of hosting services, the company needed to track its power consumption at the cabinet level for billing purposes as well as for its own capacity-planning needs.

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