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Packet Power is proud to provide the industry’s most proven and widely deployed wireless power monitoring system. We offer the fastest and easiest means of gathering power and environmental data in any size facility.

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Recent Product Updates

October 2017

Data Diode

Enables one-way secure transfer of monitoring data between two isolated IP networks. For example, a colocation provider can easily share real-time monitoring data for use in an end customer’s monitoring application.

October 2017


96-circuit wireless panel monitoring that installs on PDUs, RPPs or panelboards from any vendor. A small, flexible CT harness and simplified installation process make this an ideal retrofit solution.

October 2017

Current-only Branch Circuit Monitoring

Easily monitor current on up to 48 circuits with the new BG08 wireless panelboard monitoring kit. Can be installed on any panel, RPP or PDU to provide real-time visibility into circuit loads at a highly attractive price.

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