Packet Power launches new compact wireless multi-circuit monitors

The new monitors offer an easy way to add monitoring to some or all of the circuits on switchgear, panelboards, HVAC units, generators and other devices. 

Our monitors are custom-built to your specifications, cutting installation time in half.  Each unit can support from 3 to 18 current transformers and can monitor full power, current only, or a combination of both. 

The new multi-circuit monitors come pre-configured for:

  • Voltage source type and quantity
  • Voltage lead color and length
  • CT type, rating and quantity
  • CT lead length
  • Wire exit location
  • Over-current protection
  • Optional custom panel map

These new selective circuit wireless monitors meet a long-standing need to add power monitoring to existing equipment only where needed and configured exactly as required for operations management, tenant sub-metering, energy efficiency tracking and power forecasting needs.

Packet Power Team
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