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Packet Power - Monitoring Nirvana - Leon Adato

We ran across a good article in the Data Center Journal written by Leon Adato entitled “Monitoring Nirvana” describing data center monitoring and who should be doing it. The full article can be found here. If you’re short on time, here’s a synopsis.

Mr Adato begins with reminding us what data center monitoring is — simply the collection of data and metrics from a set of devices. When done well, monitoring helps detect issues, resolve problems and “generally keep data center managers out of trouble.” He warns managers not to confuse alerts, help tickets and alarms with monitoring.

The article makes the case for treating data center monitoring as a new or distinct discipline with dedicated staff.

  • Create and cultivate career paths for “monitoring engineers”instead of making monitoring part of every staff member’s job
  • Leverage the FCAPS model (fault, capacity, administration, performance and security) for building a monitoring infrastructure.
  • Know what tools are in place and how to use them effectively.
  • Be clear on what you’re trying to accomplish so you know what to monitor, when to alert and what actions to take when the alert triggers.
  • Make the time to customize alerts for your business.

Mr. Adato closes by recognizing there is no single solution that works best  for every facility. But applying several basic guidelines ensures data center managers can be on their way to “monitoring nirvana”.

Not surprisingly, we at Packet Power are big believers in monitoring done well, and we are proud that our wireless power and environmental monitoring solutions are being used in data centers around the world.

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Photo courtesy of Data Center Journal: Monitoring Nirvana by Leon Adato, July 10, 2017

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