How Open Channel Busbar Systems Benefit Data Centers

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Optimizing Data Centers with Open Channel Busbar Systems

Data center technology has been revolutionised in recent years and continues to evolve today. Data center managers are focussed on creating a sustainable data center that can deliver on current power demands as well as offer long term functionality.

In the past power distribution, typically consisted of PDUs and RPPs supplying power to racks via cabling stored underneath a raised floor. As technologies have advanced, however, the downside of this process has been highlighted, presenting data centers with the challenge of finding a different approach to power distribution in mission critical facilities.

We have listed just some of the ways in which open channel busbar have positively impacted upon the efficiency, scalability and running costs of data centers:

White space

Data center managers are under pressure to optimize the use of the white space and capitalize on power potential within it. Overhead busbar systems, eliminates the need for remote power panels, resulting in more usable space for server racks. Tap off boxes can be placed at any point along the busbar therefore eliminating miles of power whips. Open channel busbar requires less equipment in the white space, therefore creating more functional space for IT equipment.


Due to fluctuations in demand and the continuous cycle of change experienced by data centers, electrical designs become outdated very quickly. This leads to increased costs and delays in projects. Scalability is vital for data centers to adapt and expand easily when required. Open channel busbar systems allow power supplies to be easily added at a new location without any need to schedule in shut down of the systems. This offers a sustainable solution for data centers that require adaptability.

Improved electrical efficiency

Companies are always looking for methods to increase their energy efficiency in a way that allows them to cope with the fluctuations in demand within the industry. Busbar systems offer greater energy efficiency than individual power whips. It’s a good idea to calculate the voltage drop specification of each retailer’s offering to determine which is the best fit for improving energy efficiency.

Improved cooling efficiency

Traditionally, increasing power densities has required more underfloor power cables which further obstruct airflow and therefore requires increased cooling measures. By contrast, open channel busbar systems require less cooling in the white space due to overhead installation.

Monitored Power Usage

Efficient monitoring practices are vital for data center managers to accurately plan for the future. By monitoring your data center’s power usage, you will be aware what changes are necessary to make improvements. Busbar systems feature inbuilt monitoring systems that provide data center managers with real time information on the performance of each rack. Effective monitoring leads to better energy efficiency and cost savings. It also allows data center manager to predict trends and future growth.

Cost savings

Data center management is more expensive than ever with increasing energy costs and the demand for around the clock services. Installation of an open channel busbar system is competitive with more traditional processes, but over the lifetime of the product they provide a much greater cost effective solution. Busbar systems require much less maintenance once they are installed. Due to their modular nature, racks can be added, removed or relocated without having to shut the system down.

Security and flexibility are high priorities for data centers in 2016. Open channel busbar systems offer an approach to power distribution that ensures safety, cost savings and improved efficiency in all aspects of data center operations.