Helping Involta manage power in eight data centers for hundreds of clients

Co-location companies need the ability to track power usage at the cabinet level to accurately bill customers, meet their SLAs, and plan for growth. Involta, a rapidly growing multi-tenant data center services provider, wanted one monitoring solution that could meet the needs of a number of different facilities with different power configurations. Packet Power delivered a solution that installed quickly, integrated seamlessly and provides value to Involta and Involta’s clients.

Involta is an award-winning provider of enterprise-class multi-tenant data center and managed IT services for clients throughout the United States. Involta needed solutions that worked in their existing facilities and their state of the art new facilities and also met the exacting needs of each of their clients.

Packet Power delivered:

… easy installation and quick deployment across different facility power configurations. Packet Power adds meters to each busway plug in box, providing Involta the information it needs to track customer power usage.

Packet Power - Involta prod in use

… value to Involta’s customers via custom dashboards providing the information each customer desires. EMX Energy Portal delivers energy and environmental information in an intuitive, customizable format.

… accurate reporting for monthly customer billing. Reports from EMX can be run in minutes and are easily exported by Involta’s Finance department for billing.

… excellent customer service. Involta was impressed with Packet Power’s responsive support and a deployed solution that hasn’t lost power consumption data since installation.

The partnership with Packet Power has been so successful that Involta is planning to add environmental monitoring. The wireless humidity and temperature sensors can easily be added exactly where needed and will immediately join the wireless monitoring network that is already in place.

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Alan Katz
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