Catch water leaks before they become a severe problem

Do you have critical equipment that could be damaged by water leaks? Packet Power is pleased to add a leak detector probe to our environmental monitoring offerings delivering a simple, cost-effective way to minimize the risk of damage from an undetected leak.

When the leak detector senses the presence of water or other similarly conductive liquids, it communicates to Packet Power’s EMX monitoring application or any DCIM or BMS that supports SNMP or Modbus.

Packet Power - Detección de Fugas de Agua - Catch water leaks


  • Requires a Packet Power wireless environmental monitor that supports external probes.
  • Mounting bracket can attach to any flat surface by adhesive strips or mounting screws.
  • Sensing height can be adjusted to as low as 1/32 of an inch (1 mm).
  • 5-year battery life

The probe connects to the environmental monitor via a 2 meter wire that can be extended as far as 15 meters. Information is then transmitted over Packet Power’s wireless monitoring network. The leak detector can co-exist with temperature monitoring probes on the same environmental monitor.

The probe is available immediately. Review our environmental monitoring solutions or contact for more information.

Alan Katz
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