Does wireless monitoring really work in data centers?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is:  “Does your wireless monitoring technology really work?”  This is generally followed by:  “Is your wireless monitoring technology really secure?” The short answer to both questions is “yes.” Here’s why we are sure our wireless technology really does work and really is secure. Wireless monitors make instrumenting a … Read more

Who knew end feed monitoring could be so easy?

Do you have existing busways with no end feed visibility? Would you like to ensure you are making the most of your available power but can’t take the busway offline to add monitoring? Packet Power lets you easily and safely add power monitoring to existing busway end feeds and tap-offs without interruption to critical loads. … Read more

Data center hot spots – Don’t get burned

Data center hot spots are a bit of an enigma. While they remain colorless and odorless, you know they’re there. You can feel them as you walk by rows of humming server racks. We’ve all done it — the hot spot drive-by. You feel it. It’s kind of hot right here, isn’t it? It’s unfortunate … Read more

Helping Involta manage power in eight data centers for hundreds of clients

Co-location companies need the ability to track power usage at the cabinet level to accurately bill customers, meet their SLAs, and plan for growth. Involta, a rapidly growing multi-tenant data center services provider, wanted one monitoring solution that could meet the needs of a number of different facilities with different power configurations. Packet Power delivered a solution … Read more

What do you need to know to manage your data center more effectively?

You probably need to know which circuits could handle more power and which are at risk of tripping. Are you also being asked to reduce cooling costs but aren’t sure where you can safely increase ambient temperature? How confident are you in your documentation for meeting service level agreements? Is all this information instantly accessible? Packet … Read more

Power Factor: The difference between promise and reality

Most data centers use AC (Alternating Current) power. The current within an AC system flows in one direction, reverses, flows backward and then forward again 50 or 60 times a second, depending on what country you’re in. That means that voltage and current in an AC system fluctuate back and forth between positive and negative. … Read more

Track rack temperature in the right places and for the right price

Accurate information on rack-level temperature in your data center can help lower operating costs, avoid outages and meet SLA agreements. Packet Power’s wireless Environmental Monitor makes getting that information easy. And it costs as much as 70% less than other solutions. In most data centers, power density can vary widely from rack to rack. Higher … Read more

How to set hundreds of alerts in less than 60 seconds

You know realtime alerts are critical for running your data center. But to be really useful they can’t take too long to set up or result in false notifications. Packet Power’s EMX Energy Portal application has a unique Policies tool that allows an alert to be set up in under a minute and applied to … Read more

Something’s wrong! Find out immediately using EMX Policies and Alerts

Circuit aproaching overload? Intake temperature way too high? When something is going wrong in your data center, you need to be notified immediately. Packet Power’s EMX Energy Portal application makes this easy even for very large monitoring networks. In fact, EMX offers two types of realtime alerts — Policies and Alerts. Here’s when to use … Read more