How to choose reliable suppliers for timely project completion

Choosing suppliers for timely project completion The role of suppliers is crucial in successfully meeting commercial engineering project completion dates.  Their contribution is central in manufacturing specific designs to match the expectations set by the end users. Unfortunately, not all suppliers can be trusted to carry out project work like they first guaranteed, leaving contractors … Read more

Catch water leaks before they become a severe problem

Packet Power - Leak Detector Probe - Detector de Fugas de Agua

Do you have critical equipment that could be damaged by water leaks? Packet Power is pleased to add a leak detector probe to our environmental monitoring offerings delivering a simple, cost-effective way to minimize the risk of damage from an undetected leak. When the leak detector senses the presence of water or other similarly conductive … Read more

New 480V Wireless Power Monitor

Packet Power - 480V Meter

Packet Power is pleased to now offer a power monitor capable of measuring energy usage on 480V AC circuits. The new product maintains the same compact form factor as our existing three-phase monitor and extends our wireless metering to include 480V 3-wire delta and 277/480V 4-wire wye circuits. The 480V three-phase power monitor tracks A, … Read more

Packet Power announces simple PUE solution for EO 13693

Packet Power - Official EO 13693

Executive Order 13693 requires federal government data center managers to install energy meters by 2018 so they can establish a specified PUE. Packet Power is pleased to offer focused, simple PUE Monitoring Packages for U.S. government entities. We can help meet EO 13693 requirements by the deadline and at a fraction of the cost of other … Read more

Key Data Center Trends & Products That Will Shape 2017

Data Center Trends & Products to Look Out For in 2017 It’s crucial for data center managers to follow the latest trends as well as research upcoming products that have the potential to improve operations within their facility. We’ve looked at two key data center trends and products that every data center manager should consider as … Read more

How Open Channel Busbar Systems Benefit Data Centers

Starline - Track Busway - Blindobarra Starline - Blindobarra abierta - Starline Busway - Seenco Group - Distribución de Energía sin complicaciones - Power Distribution made Simple

Optimizing Data Centers with Open Channel Busbar Systems Data center technology has been revolutionised in recent years and continues to evolve today. Data center managers are focussed on creating a sustainable data center that can deliver on current power demands as well as offer long term functionality. In the past power distribution, typically consisted of … Read more

How Data Center Downtime Impacts Business Revenue

The Harmful Effects of Data Center Downtime Maintaining smooth and constant operation in your data center is crucial. Businesses depend on the servers in your data center for efficient computing and storage of their data and if these servers shut down, the effects can be extremely harmful on revenue and your business’s reputation. Data center … Read more

New Environmental Monitors install in seconds

Measuring temperature and humidity just got even easier and more affordable with Packet Power’s new wireless Environmental Monitors.  They gather temperature data from one to three points per unit and measure relative humidity just where you need it. And they install in seconds. Really. At less than 5×5 cm (2″x 2″) in size, the new … Read more

1950’s department store gets new life as a data center

Venyu’s new 87,000 sq ft Shreveport, Louisiana, data center started out as a department store that opened in 1955. Packet Power is pleased to provide the power monitoring infrastructure in this innovative Tier III facility. The project went so well that Venyu will take the same approach in another 1950s department store in Jackson, Mississippi … Read more

Size does matter (when it comes to power monitoring)

Packet Power - Monitorización Wireless - Monitorización de Energía - New_100A_power_meter

We are delighted to introduce the industry’s first wireless 100 amp inline power meter! At 112 centimeters (44 inches) and 5.9 kilograms (13 pounds), the three-phase cable can monitor power used by the largest switches and SANs. The eyeglasses provide a sense of size, and the length can be customized for your needs. If you use smart power strips … Read more